Second Opinion Analysis & Review Program

A Second Opion Analysis & Review service for your portfolio...from the author of Stock Investing for Dummies.

Introducing Paul Mladjenovic’s Second Opinion & Analysis Review (SOAR) Program:

“I have investments but I am not sure if they are right for me…
What should I do? What if my investments plunge?”

In these unsettling times, it is easy to second guess yourself and others when it comes to your investments. The markets and the economy ARE crazy right now while the volatility and risk are as bad as I have ever seen them.


* The markets could plunge at any time.
* A stock you own may plummet into oblivion and become worthless
* A mutual fund may lose tremendous value because their holdings are shaky
* You could have too much exposure to an industry facing problems

…and yes…there are questions that are bothering you right now…

* Are my investments poised for gains…or losses?
* What protective strategies can I do for my personal portfolio?
* What sectors are safer for my money in the coming months and years?
* Will my portfolio be well-positioned for my future needs?

If these or any other questions are nagging you, then maybe it’s time for a second opinion.

This is why I created my “Second Opinion & Analysis Review” (SOAR) program. It is a cost-effective way for you to get an objective analysis of your current investments straight from the author of Stock Investing for Dummies.

I have helped thousands of people build their wealth over the past 25 years. I have been teaching about investing (and applying that knowledge) for that same quarter-century. Many of my clients and students are sitting on triple-digit gains as you read this.

The environment going forward will be extreme…

There will be companies and mutual funds going out of business…leaving investors with huge losses that will not be re-gained.

There will be investments that will have a shocking upside. Well-positioned investors will reap triple-digit and even quadruple-digit gains in the next few years.

What will your investments be in the coming years? Losers? Winners? Or some place in-between?

If you want to sleep better and make sure that your portfolio is positioned for more gains than losses, then the SOAR program may just be the thing for you! It is an inexpensive way to have an “independent eye” give you a second opinion.

What is that worth to you? What is worth to save (or make) thousands and even hundreds of thousands in your long-term portfolio?

Here are the specifics…

1. Your portfolio will be reviewed and an analysis will be emailed to you. An honest assessment will be rendered along with ways to keep your portfolio safer going forward. You can have up to 2 account portfolios reviewed. The total cost is less than the price of a regular consulting hour with me (only $179).

2. You will receive a special report with investment alternatives and strategies that are specific to you geared toward safety and growth. You will be able to share this feedback with your family and financial advisor.

3. Free bonus: You will also receive a bonus audio seminar with investment and financial strategies appropriate for your situation.

4. You will receive a 50% discount if you decide to either do another SOAR review good for up to two years for the same accounts or if you want to use it for other accounts not covered. This special discount can also be applied for a family member (what better gift than financial security for a loved one?)

Advisors can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for the same service. Some of them even get commissions in addition to those fees which can compromise their objectivity.

For a very low price, you can gain peace of mind and also receive the knowledge you need to make better investment choices…whether you use advisors or not.

Keep in mind the following…

What this program is about:

A constructive look at your investments which will offer both warnings and opportunities
that may be worth a small fortune in your long-term wealth-building efforts.

What this program is NOT about:

It is not about criticizing you or your advisor. Hopefully the finalized report will help you
understand pitfalls and opportunities that you (and your advisor) can work on to provide
you with guidance that yields successful results with your wealth-building pursuits.

This program will only be run for a limited time so don’t delay. For successful planning, it is better to be a year too early…than a day too late.

Don’t delay….it could cost you a fortune. Order today!

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